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Why I support MCH

Hello everyone. You're halfway there to making a difference. Let me tell you why you should take that final step.

A year ago my little man come into this world. Smiling. Hungry. Slight rise to the chest when breathing. Particularly at night.

After seeing numerous doctors, nurses etc as it just never seemed right we were told its normal and just "wet lung".

Fathers day eve he got really bad and off we went to Monash. Sitting in the ED we got told something that we werent expecting. Congenital lobar emphysema. One of his lungs was breathing in oxygen and not expelling the carbon dioxide. What it meant was to wait for his little body to grow as much as it could before an operation to have the lung surgically cut out.

After a week in a ward his little body couldn't cope anymore and he crashed. A horrible feeling to see 20 doctors and nurses rush in after the call over the PA. About as many people standing outside as well. Parents ushered outside watching through the window. Hoping. Praying. Luckily for us it was a quick few minutes for him that was forever to us.

Next day it was surgery time. He had waited as much as he could.

Luckily for us and many others, the surgeons were amazing and he come through with flying colours. Another few days in ICU and some more time in a ward and we got to go home with our baby.

If it wasnt for the amazing detail and staff at Monash our story could and probably would have been different.

Please get behind this very worthy organisation and donate to the charity walk.

Thank You

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